Catholic theme parks, big decisions, bathroom encounters, and my book release...which may or may not

Ever dream of getting on a plane...and never coming back?




Me neither.

(well, that was awkward)

Sooooo....people. My husband has been traveling for business for the entire year, only to come home for two days to mow the lawn and try to fix the dishwasher ...and then leave the country. Ok. So maybe he has been home more than two days this year. But he has a knack for being away on days when four kids need to be in four different places at the same time, when the power goes out, when the car breaks down, and when everything falls apart..and by everything, I mean the kids....and also during really important milestones, like the 8th grade moving up ceremony, or the elementary school Halloween party - which is OVER for me finally, can I get an amen?

He comes back from Germany today.


Know where I went this month? don't want to know.

But it was not Germany.

So a couple of things rattling around my sad little brain this beautiful Friday morning...which it most certainly beautiful.

My book! It is released today?


That is a question mark.

Because it has not arrived at the warehouse yet.

Which makes the book launch party promise of books available to buy on July 10 a little bit unsettling.

I am also thinking about the Saints and that there really needs to be an amusement park exactly like Disneyland, that is Catholic. Because if you read the Magnificat, did you happen to catch the story about Mariam Baourdy, Saint Mary of Jesus Crucified? HOLY MY MOLY. First of all...she IS a Disney Princess because her childhood is miserable (loses her parents) and she is beautiful and she ends up being sent to live with her Uncle who treats her harshly. Now there is the matter of a slit throat, the Blessed Mother rescuing her from the side of the road, and being taken in by Carmelites...which may not sound like Disney....however...when you think about it, why not? Scar was pretty brutal to Mufasa and Simba, and fairy Godmother's do appear. But what killed me about Mariam? She delighted in manual labor and loved to sing while working (ummm...Cinderella? Snow White?) and while in ecstatic prayer...ready for this.....?...SHE LEVITATED to the top of the trees!, trust and pixie dust....see where this is going? And so I am imagining an amazing amusement park...REALLY GREAT....not a lame religious version that kids are embarrassed to go to....but AWESOME. And instead of princesses and princes walking around...I want the saints. ALL of them. Not just the popular and trendy ones we know of...but the hidden ones...the unseen ones...the ones who get their throats slit and levitate.

You know how Tinker Bell flies through the park above the castle? I want levitating saints flying around.

I realize I am sounding crazy. Been alone for a long time fighting the everyday battle folks...throw me some grace and cut me some slack, and pour me a margarita...with just a little bit of salt. Then build me this park. How much fun would it be? I would also have unlimited free refills of water...that turns into wine. See? Now you are interested....

In other, less crazy news....I am currently reading Kate Bowling's Everything Happens For A Reason and flipping LOVING IT. It is the kind of book that I read and think, how on earth did I write a book? I can't write. But Kate? Good grief. Kate can write. Get yourself a copy. I am also growing my hair our and debating getting bangs. I know. HUGE decisions over here to make.

My kids are still in school...thanks to winter and the tornado...and I am pretty sure today is a half day but I have sort of lost my mind and to be honest I am not even sure what day or month it is.

Shifting gears...I can not even tell you how grateful I am for the amazing things that happen to me in the bathroom and parking lot. Seriously. I have my most incredible God moments in these places. Never under estimate the people you meet and the interactions you have in public bathrooms and parking lots. God is everywhere, folks. He wastes no encounter.

Finally, I am memorizing Psalm 144. All of it. That is my goal. It is my favorite and I mention it in my book....and I think you should look it up and pray with it today....because despite the mess and the fear and the brokenness and the unfairness...that is in our HOMES, not to mention the world...we have an awesome God who is training us for battle...and despite the exhaustion and broken dishwasher....I am feeling stronger than ever today....He has prepared me for battle. And He is preparing you too.

But really we ought to be focusing now on what truly matters. Bangs? You think? I think I need to take this to the Lord and see what He says.