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my cat is eating refried beans...but that's not what this post is about

May 2nd. And I am confident that the sun will come out...tomorrow.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow. I love ya, tomorrow!

Did I ever mention that I starred as Annie in the not so Broadway production of Annie? I mean, it was close to Broadway.... in Scarsdale, the Jewish Y. And because it was the Jewish Y, we had to cut the song New Deal for Christmas. My friend Kate's dog, Alexis, played Sandy. We trained her ourselves. And I was kind of old to play the part. Pretty sure I was wearing a bra. And that wig. Man. It was something.

Wow. I am way off point.

Popping in today to share my new love and obsession...Be Still By Caroline. You might already know the beautiful Caroline from Church Pop...but did you know she makes the most lovely, Saintly jewelry? I purchased the Serenity Necklace for myself, and if I did not have a million bills to pay, I would have purchased the same necklace for about 25 women who I know could use it. Check her out. It's May...and May is the month of #shop for yourself. It is a National thing, pretty sure.

I just made that up.

Back to the point. I swear, there is one...

What I really love about Caroline is her story. And how she uses it for God's glory. Because we all have one...a story, that is...but do we all use it??? And use it for good? To build His Kingdom here on earth?

And I would write more, but I am torn between continuing to share her story...or stopping the cat from continuing to eat the bowl of left over refried beans on the kitchen counter. I am going for the cat...because really...what will that litter box look like if I let this go on???????

Go check out Caroline. She is not paying me to say any of this, by the way. In fact, if she ever reads this she might be afraid I am stalking her. Which I might be...maybe...

....Maybe far away, or maybe real nearby...he may be pouring her coffee, she may be straightening his tie...

Yes. We all have the complete soundtrack to Annie stuck in her heads now. You're welcome. And yes, complete. Because we can sing New Deal For Christmas over here.

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