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bread and babies

When my daughter Belle was very young, she told me, "Mom, if you offered me a strawberry milkshake, or a loaf of bread, I'd take the bread!" Just this morning, at age 18, I sent her off to school with nothing for lunch but two pieces of garlic naan bread. She was thrilled with this.

When my daughter Annie received her First Holy Communion, her brother - who was underneath the pew (in deep prayer, of course) came away saying, "Mom, that man said if we eat this bread we will live forever....I want to eat that bread!"

And so this morning, in a moment of insanity, as I contemplated giving up bread in an effort to look better, the brilliance of the Lord struck me. I mean, He gives his actual self to us as bread!

SO clever. Even more clever was coming to us as a baby. I mean, come on. Bread and babies? Who doesn't love bread and babies?

Not sure where any of this just came from...I actually sat down to say you can read my latest WWP post over here...

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