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I forgot about the wildflowers

In my quest for true inner peace I have decided to do what really, I have known to do all along, and that is to learn from the way the wildflowers grow.

Telling myself to not worry about this or that is always so pointless because I can worry like it's my job. But telling me not to quit looking stop predicting what might happen ( because let's be honest our predictions are never positive...) THAT, I have discovered, I can actually do.

And this isn't about mindfulness...or thanking the universe...or positive thinking...or making a vision board. This is about TRUSTING enough to leave what's down the road to God and staying present to the right now. Not lingering in a minute ago. Not hitting fast forward to a minute ahead. But being still...right here...right now.

Because we know that life really is about so much more than what we eat and what we wear....but most days...while looking for that perfect outfit that doesn't make us look too heavy, and while dreading the "what's for dinner?"question when honestly, why do we have to come up with dinner every single night?...we forget. A lot. And often. We forget. We leave the present moment and start worrying about later if later on is something we are even guaranteed.

But it is possible, you know.

I know, because I am doing it.

And how can I do this?

How can I shut down that voice that so badly wants me to leave this moment, and run ahead to the worst case scenario?

Because today is my last years worst case scenario, and it turns out, it is not that bad. In fact, it is miraculously wonderful.

I have so much more to say about this... but ...alas...someone just walked in and asked "what's for dinner?" I know. The nerve. We had dinner last night.

But I will say this for now...

The hours of peace I handed over to the enemy in exchange for useless worry and fear are too many to count. But not anymore.

I'm sticking with the wildflowers.

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