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fearless and free

I am packing up towels and sun screen in bags and heading to Lake Compounce with my son and his friend. If you know Lake Compounce, and if you know me at all, then you completely understand the level and depth of love I have for my son to spend my entire day this way. I am packing my copy of True Devotion and my Rosary beads as well...I won't look strange at all.

While I attempt to give myself to Jesus through Mary at an amusement park, you can head on over to Walking With Purpose and check out my latest blog post. can head on over to WWP Instagram stories where I will also do follow WWP Instagram, don't you?? If really should...this week, being the week of July 4, I am talking about freedom...specifically, living fearless and free.

Why is this important?

Because I think a lot of women are not living in freedom.

I think a lot of us self protect and hide pieces of ourselves in order to show the world who we think we should be or who the world wants us to be -- or we hide we who are because of shame - the enemy has convinced us that the really stupid thing we did in college or the sin we fell into not that long ago IS who we are ....and it is so incredibly awful because when we do this, do you know what happens? We live sterile lives. Our relationships stay on the surface. We get our identity so wrong and live out of that lie. It is a bunch of all bad.

Can you remember who you were before you were told who you should be???? (Fearless and Free, Lisa Brenninkmeyer)

Think about that. And head on over to WWP IG stories and join me in the conversation. The prayer is that this week, as we celebrate freedom, we begin to explore, unravel awaken and arise.

The hope is that in doing this work, we all learn to live fearless and free.

And now I am off to an amusement park that is also a WATER park because who doesn't love running around in a bathing suit with total strangers holding wet matts, half naked??....truly,a place where a girl like me needs to be fearless. Sadly, the cost of admission is far from free.

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