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Catholics on Instagram, annoying people, and what has wrecked my life

I need to apologize to the woman on Instagram whose comment annoyed me so much that I imagined blocking her from my account and proceeded to talk about how much she annoyed me to everyone and anyone who would listen and that includes even the animals, who happen to be some of the best listeners on the planet, because they are adorable and faithful and can not comment back.

So, after doing that Christian Girl Instagram thing that we real Christian girls love to do...yes...I posted the Spiritual book I was reading with a strategically placed devotional journal adorned with a Scripture verse because that's how the truly devoted do life...a woman that I do not know in real life but follows me, and yes, when written out that way it does sound creepy, doesn't it, and ya wanna know why?.... because IT IS CREEPY....and we're all warning our children not to allow strangers to follow them on social media but oh how we rejoice when our number of followers increases and we have absolutely no idea who these people are...but I digress....

wow. I totally forgot what I was talking about and so so sorry about that last sentence that makes little to no sense.

Oh! Right. My IG post and the woman who annoyed me.

I was excited to be re-consecrating myself to Jesus through Mary, using the 33 Days To Morning Glory book by Michael E. Gaitley. So I told the entire world what I was about to do, because the Bible Says we ought to do that.. that when Jesus prayed, he videoed his entire journey up the mountain, strategically placed his sandals on the rock he sat and prayed on, and took a picture of it, posted it, and maybe even blogged about it, probably even went Live on Facebook right from the top of that mountain. ( #goawayinsecret #hangingoutwithmydad) And much to my surprise, a Sister in Christ follower had the nerve to tell me that I should THROW THE BOOK AWAY and consecrate myself ONLY using the book True Devotion to Mary with Preparation For Total Consecration by Saint Louis DeMontfort.

Throw the book away?????? Who throws a book away????

And by the way...I HAD the book True Devotion! It was on my nightstand! Next to my Rosary beads! On top of a stack of prayer cards! Soaked in Holy water! Blessed by the Pope! So, take that, crazy Catholic follower with the absurd comment!

(why don't we pause and pray a Hail Mary...or ten...right about now)

Let's make this way too long of a story (that is remarkably written in two long sentences because why use a period when you can just keep on writing and writing and writing) short, shall we?

She was right.

Annoying, Catholic Book Throwing Away Lady was 100% RIGHT.

And actually, not so annoying after all.

If I could eat this book, smoke this book, step into this book, zip it up around my body and wear this book, I would. My 33 days to consecration turned into THREE MONTHS of preparation for consecration. My faith has been challenged and stretched beyond belief, and my prayer life has radically changed. I carry True Devotion on me, like a kid with a peanut allergy carries an Epi-pen, and I don't even say that to be funny or silly because not only are peanut allergies serious things and not to be joked about , but it is true. This book is saving my own misery filled life by showing me how to joyfully die to it. I owe this follower a huge apology and enormous gratitude for speaking up boldly and pointing me in a better direction.

That said. I will not throw the other book away. First of all, take a look inside of my home. You will see that I throw nothing away. Even the things I should throw away. Like garbage. But back to the book. It still has value. And it was a necessary step...a piece of the faith puzzle...that brought me to True Devotion and closer to Jesus through Mary. Kind of like a gateway drug. It lead me to a better high. And if you're going to be an addict (as if being an addict was a choice) it's best to be addicted to Christ. Point is, God wastes nothing, so neither do I.

Thank you, Jesus ,for placing annoying people in my life, and for showing me that the only annoying thing about any of this was not that woman's comment that so obviously hit a nerve, but rather, my own annoying lack of humility and my own annoying pride. And thank you, Saint Louis De Montfort. You have single handedly wrecked my life in the most beautiful way.

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