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soon enough...and until then...

The pumpkins on the front steps have frozen, and the homemade turkey formed by innocent 11 year old hands "once upon a time" still rests on the window sill. Who is to say there were no turkeys and pumpkins in the stable at Bethlehem?

I expect nothing more of myself. Of my scattered, traveling, working, preaching, cleaning, breathing, weary self. Why we expect life to look different and people to transform into what we thought they would be all because Santa is at the mall and Starbucks has a new holiday cup is beyond me. Garland and lights won't change crazy. It just dresses it up.

All that said...(and did I even say anything?)...I miss the hours of nothing and the pots of afternoon coffee and the anxiety free time to sit myself down and write about what never makes sense in my life and relationship with the Lord until it's typed out and posted. I am hoping God has this in His soon to be plans for me. Time. No anxiety. Coffee. Confusion put into order. Quiet moments with nothing but His Word so that I can better piece together my own. It will come. Soon enough.

Until can find me here today...talking about how backwards we are when it comes to worship and Advent and well...sort of everything these days feels backwards, but maybe that is just me?

And if you live in can find me speaking there on Thursday! Check out my speaking schedule for the details!

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