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Annunciation, information, and what I heard the Lord say

On this Solemnity of the Annunciation, it is my prayer that we will spend time with Our Lady, meditate on her YES, and then confidently give God our own.

And I don't know what the Lord is asking you to say yes to, but His command in my own ear is undeniable:

Spread LOVE not FEAR.


Share the Annunciation, not the latest information.

And start speaking up about Jesus, not only to your friends who already love Him, but to those who are right now so afraid, because they have yet to meet Him; because the thought of dying is so scary, so final, because they don't know or believe that this is not all that there is. That this, in fact, is only a rest stop on the journey, to make us holy, so that we can finally get to that place our hearts are actually desperate for...that place we can never satisfy with earthly things, but boy we keep trying- that place where we mistake the longing for heaven, for other things, like flavored coffee, money, a better body, new furniture, or a manicure. To shine His light and be bold about the TRUTH and spread the good news, not only when Starbucks is open and Target is safe and life feels good, but when the angel breaks into your life and messes everything up and you have to cancel your plans and stay inside and you have no idea how things will even turn out...because truly, that is what you were created for, and so you say YES.

And I do. I say yes to all of it. Because I want eternal happiness more than anything. And what is there, really, not worth suffering here on earth, to be given the pass to walk through those pearly gates, crack open a beer with Saint Paul, have coffee with Magdalene, embrace Mother Mary, high five Saint Monica, and fall into the arms of Jesus while doing the ugly cry and whispering a sincere thank you to His face?

This is what I hear the Lord saying to me today.

To rise up and speak out.

To be confident and unafraid.

To stand strong on the frontline.

THIS is what every life experience I thought would kill me has prepared me for.

And so to Him, I can say thank you for the trials.

And to Him, like Mary, I can say let it be done.

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