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good news and bad news

Homeschooling was always something I regretted not doing, until I was forced to do it.

In other news, did I ever tell you the story of how a few days ago our home filled up with carbon monoxide on the coldest day of the month, and so in our effort not to die, I sat in the car with three kids, two cats, one dog and a bearded dragon with no heat, because the car was on empty?

The bad news is, we need to replace the boiler and I am thinking that had I known just weeks ago that we'd be in the market for spending thousands of dollars that we do not have, the same month that I'd have to cancel five speaking engagements, and that my husbands work would also take a hit, I am thinking I probably would not have opted for the $600 cat surgery. But the good news is that the cat is recovering just fine and super grateful.

The guys working on our boiler situation are incredibly kind and hard at work. Yesterday one of the workmen came up the stairs holding a giant box with what looked like a picture of a crock pot on it, and I thought, "wow, how nice, they are replacing our boiler AND making us dinner?"

Turns out, it was a space heater.

The bad news? We have no hot water or heat.

The good news? The cat is recovering just fine and super grateful.

And while isolation can start to make you twitch and long for the days of being with people, even if you don't like people, suddenly, people aren't looking so bad, and praise be to God anyway because I woke up to discover that the pink eye I had weeks ago decided to make a come back in not just one eye but in both of my eyes, and so combined with my smelly body and greasy hair I can't say that social distancing is a bad thing. For all of us.

And yet despite it all, God is good and not just good but funny and kind and compassionate and merciful and He is with us, for us, and regardless of what we see and feel, HE IS AT WORK. He has not left us. He weeps with us. He loves us. And His plan for every single one of us is OH SO GOOD.

The bad news? Some of us have yet to believe that.

The good news? The cat is recovering just fine and super grateful.

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