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there's no smelling good in purgatory

I swear, I have the weakest faith. I mean, right there...I said I swear....and a good, faithful Christian shouldn't swear...see what I mean?

Left to my own devices, I tend to wander pretty easily. The world closes in on me and life feels utterly disappointing and before I know it, I have traded in the daily Rosary for scrolling through essential oil accounts on Instagram. Because a home that smells pretty can be created in minutes, but waiting for that sweet smell of victory? Well, good grief people, because that could take a lifetime. Of course, essential oils won't get me into best, I will just smell really good in purgatory. Which ya know, is better than smelling badly in purgatory, I suppose, especially if you are my roommate. Pretty sure we only get our own room if we make it to heaven.

But I should probably aim for higher, right? Reach for more than sharing a bunk bed in purgatory smelling like a blend of lavender and eucalyptus.

Who am I kidding? There's no smelling good in purgatory, is there?

And so all that I can say is praise God for sisterhood. And brotherhood. Ya know. For that one guy reading. (Otherwise known as my husband. ) But honestly. Sisters? (and brother?) We need the support of faith filled people around us, don't we, to get us to heaven? There's a reason Jesus traveled with "the twelve" and not "the one"...they needed each other in order to do and carry out the tasks they were given. And I'll bet none of them smelled that good.

Well, today, I am thanking God and praising Him for my personal "fifty". Fifty amazing women who have taken a leap of faith, and are now a part of my Warrior Community over at Patreon. And I say this knowing that someone...maybe you...are sick of me pushing this whole Patreon thing on everyone...but here is the thing about that....sorry, not sorry?

Truly, I don't mean to push anything on anyone...unless it is Jesus. And Mary. And the kale tonic at First Watch. But mostly, Jesus. And THAT is what this is all about.

Yesterday we began our 33 Days To Morning Glory Virtual Group Marian Consecration. I have consecrated myself to Jesus through Mary a few times before, and already, after day one with this group, I sense something deeper...

maybe because we have each other to hold accountable? Probably that. But there is something else brewing in that space and in our hearts...I have met women with stories that are changing me...I have 50 new names to pray for that I hold in my heart as I walk through my day...and I know that they are praying for me, too...and now, that desire to scroll through essential oils is almost gone...yes...I said almost....keeping it real...the temptations of the world are fierce, my friends, are they not....and have you seen these accounts????? They look like the cleanest, most beautiful, best smelling people on the planet!

But I digress.

I just wanted to say...if you are curious...or on the fence...come and take the leap. Every penny of the support goes right back to you...through content, and special events (Father Jason, Caroline from Be Still by Caroline and Church Pop, and Jodi Dauses, to name a few speakers!) plus beautiful benefits that my talented sisters in Christ provide and that I delight in thinking up and making happen for you. It is growing into something so beautiful, that I am blown away. And I just don't want you to miss it, is all. It feels like a feast. That is the best way I can describe it. It feels like a feast. And you, my friend, are invited.

It is not too late to join us in our Consecration! We are only on day two...and I have been happily sending women the pages of 33 Days To Morning Glory until their book arrives. Don't make up excuses...don't wait for next time...make like Mary, my friend, and go in haste...

the table is set and the feast is waiting....and if I had a diffuser...the pretty one that looks like a giant jar set in bamboo and costs something like $300 but I am certain is totally worth it.. I would make a lovely blend of peppermint, wild orange, and grapefruit for all of us to enjoy...and I would serve kale tonics...I mean, good.

I pray to see you there....or HERE...

So thi

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