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fighting for happiness, battling in prayer, and an invitation to chat with Caroline Perkins tonight

I am not going to lie. I had to fight for happiness this morning. I had to battle in prayer, for prayer and through prayer. I had to scream for ask for her grace and reach out for her hand, so that she could pull me in and bring me to Jesus.

I was tempted to schedule a haircut today instead of praying the Rosary, if that gives you any indication of the battlefield in my mind.

And I wonder if you can relate. It feels like many of us are at a breaking point. Full of fear, anger, worry, is a lot, right?

I am so grateful this morning to be able to throw you a life raft, ya case you feel like you are drowning.

The first? Read this.

The second? Join me and my Warrior Community on a private Zoom call, as we learn from our guest speaker, Caroline Perkins. Caroline became a fast friend of mine. She has a story the world needs to hear, and a love of the saints that is fascinating and beautiful. Tonight she will share all about Saint Maximilian is going to be SO GOOD. (Invitation to the call on Patreon)

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