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dumping the heart clutter in time for Advent

What is Patreon? How is it different from your blog? I get asked this a lot. So here is the answer: This is the latest post on my Patreon site that I am sharing with you. Where people might be hesitant to dump their hearts on a public platform, my Patreon community provides us a safe place for a virtual community. And right now? It is all that we have!


I can't recall a quicker turnover from Thanksgiving to Advent than this year. So much of this year has been new, different, and unexpected. I have purposely left out disappointing...that is a given. We have all been dealt with our fair share of let-downs. For many of us, before March 2020, we were ALREADY LET DOWN....this year of fear and isolation simply magnified what pain was already there. But my friends...what WE expect and what WE look forward to should be nothing other than the HOPE that will be born on Christmas Day. Anything else that you have placed your hope in is an idol. I do not say this to diminish the sorrow or to be cold to the harsh realities so many of us are facing right now. I am trying to take up the practice of a nightly examen of consciousness, I was struck by this resolution:

to take advantage of occasions for improvement.

The only thing worse than suffering through this season of Covid and isolation and all the heartache attached to it would be to miss the opportunity the Lord is providing for us; the opportunity to use this suffering for our personal improvement. NOT to pray it away. NOT to pray to heal it all. NOT to make excuses for why WE get a pass to feel this way or that way because deep down we love Jesus and KNOW the truth. KNOWING and BELIEVING is not the same thing. And so I pray that we do not miss the grace being offered. The grace we need at the gates of heaven.

Sometimes I feel like I am one of those harsh and annoying Catholics to be around. I am looking hard for the balance....sympathetic, without shrinking back from the Truth...because what 2020 has taught me (and believe me, there has been more than one lesson) is that Catholics must learn how to be truly Catholic. We can no longer allow fear to steer the ship because in case you haven't looked up from the feed of false news on your phone...this ship is headed for an iceberg!

I want to make an offer.

I want to invite you to put it in the comments the troubles of your heart. Your greatest fear today. Your ungodly self-reliance. Your need to control this or that. The battle in your mind. That worst-case scenario. That WHAT IF. The "I DO trust God, BUT...." in your head. Let this be a safe place amongst Sister Warriors to share the wall you have built between you and the heart of Jesus. To share the things you WORSHIP in place of God. Because sweet friends...HE WANTS ALL OF YOU and there is no room for fear, idols, or worry between you and your Savior. I know from journaling...literally pouring my heart out in ink onto lined pages that I can hear Him so much better when that clutter is cleared away. Leave your clutter here today. Let us pray for you. No judgment. Just prayer. Community. We need it. If you are new to this Warrior Community, introduce yourself! If you have been here a while but never comment, speak up! Let us build that shield wall I talk about in Victorious Secret...we are not alone. Let's stand in prayer for one another today.


Because Sunday begins Advent. And trust me, no one screws up Advent better than yours truly. So I am dragging you along this journey to Bethlehem with me to ensure that this Advent, I get it right!!!! There is safety in numbers, or so I hear. And guess where we start? Nazareth. Quiet. Simple. Unassuming Nazareth.

Our REJOICE! reflections begin soon...but let us prepare our hearts right cleaning them up, dumping out all of the fear, making room for the HOPE that awaits us. you regret not requesting a REJOICE book while I had them? Well, guess what? I have five more to give away...leave your name and address if interested! Have a friend who could use these reflections? If she joins us by December 1, I have a special gift for you! Tis the season folks..tis the season!!!


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