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happy feast day, and some other things

What a glorious day! The Feast of the Immaculate Conception. For years I thought this feast celebrated the day Our Lady conceived Jesus. But nope! It's the day Mary was conceived; sinless, blameless, and pure, God's plan of salvation hidden and brewing. Is it just me, or is there such hope to recognize how the hand of God works? So often, we feel our long-suffering is being ignored when an answer to prayer doesn't come as quickly as a bag of microwave popcorn.

Our God is not a microwave God. He is a slow cooker God. Through patience and obedience, we endure.

It is a holy day of obligation, and I especially l love our Marian Feasts because I break out my blue veil. It's the little, beautiful details that make me happy. I am certain it makes Our Lady happy, too.

In other news...

There are a couple of announcements over on Patreon.

On December 13th, I will offer my Advent By Candlelight talk at 10 am EST and 7 PM EST for patrons on zoom. (Patrons are invited to bring a guest to this virtual event) If you are not in my Patreon community, what are you waiting for? Come and see what it's all about! We would love to welcome you.

Beginning January 3rd, the first Workshop of the New Year will begin! We will be walking through my book Sweet Cross: A Marian Guide To Suffering, with the goal of personal holiness by means of growing in virtue in 2023! All you need is a copy of Sweet Cross and the free downloadable Study Guide! (*offered to 2nd, third, third, and fourth tier patrons)

Finally, it has been so much fun traveling to be with parishes this month in these first weeks of Advent. It is a gift to meet so many new women and share our love of the Gospel! Next stop, Our Lady of Angels in Lakewood Ranch, Florida!!!

God Bless you all. Prayers for a quiet, fruitful Advent.



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