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I've become that essential oils woman...

It is true, folks. For years I have been spying on them. Those oily women. Staring at their clean homes, sinks filled with flowers (because that's practical), and sparkling countertops. Eyeing their amazing diffusers...and the way they love on their families by getting rid of the toxins and chemicals in their homes. I would watch all of their videos...marveling at their creativity, passion, and families...thinking, "I want to do that! I want a healthy home! I want a diffuser in my room! I want to only use safe products." Then...I'd throw a hot pocket in the microwave and whip out the 409 while my kids ran around the house with scissors because seriously...who has time to be healthy?

I wasn't ready. I had not yet reached the point where I was willing to accept a very simple and true fact.

I MATTER. Even when life is a train wreck. Dare I say, especially when life is a train wreck. I MATTER.

You see, life has felt like a fire drill for the past eight years. I have been running from here to there, from one crisis to the next, on very little sleep and too much coffee, believing the lie that it is all up to me to fix everything and everyone and save the my this ship from sinking...

Have you ever lived through a season where all you were doing was trying to keep your head above water? Just treading in place, praying that you kept your mouth above water level? All the while...holding your children up above your head praying, Dear Lord, don't let them drown? You have? I get it. I get you. Me too. And so you understand that when this is what life looks like, flowers in the sink is so not happening. Caring about harsh chemicals is the last thing on your list because you are too overwhelmed to think about long term health when you are fighting for your life...or for the life of your loved the present moment. Caring for yourself, and doing frivolous things like creating beautiful and sweet-smelling spaces almost feel irresponsible. After all...when you have a world to save, who has time to inhale??? When you can't breathe, exhaling isn't even an option.

As I thought about the New Year and how I wanted to live it out, the first word that popped into my head was eternity. I have gotten into the practice....that when I am sideswiped by a life I would have never signed up for, I take the circumstance, and I hold it up to the skies and I ask myself, "How does this look in the light of eternity?" And after a few weeks of doing this, something shifted inside of me. Perspective changed. And for the first time in years, I began to think long term. For the first time in what felt like forever, I started to entertain the crazy idea that maybe...even in the midst of a life that looks less than perfect and feels at times devastatingly hard...maybe I could take care of myself. Maybe I could take care of the ones that I love. And maybe I could do these things that I have been watching other women do for years...not when I get my act together, but while I am in the middle of the mess.

Because people. I will never get my act together. Never.

And so I did it. With my husband's encouragement, as he said, I bought "the freaking oils". I purchased my very first Premium Starter Kit from Young Living, and at the risk of sounding like an advertisement...I have never been happier. Honestly. Ask my husband (who is also using essential oils) and he will tell you...I have joy again. The benefits of using essential oils topically, as well as aromatically, have proven beneficial. They are a mood booster and emotional balancer. And don't get me started on the household products...or skincare...because I am telling you, there is no end. Those oily women? I thought they were lying. I thought essential oil was a racket. Now I need to go to confession because I was wrong. Totally wrong.

I share this with you for a few reasons. One...because I love you and I share what I love with whom I love. I love Jesus. And so I share Him. I love essential oils, and so I share them. I love writing, and so I share my writing. Two...because I had no idea that when I took the oily leap, I would find community. Another sisterhood. And the women have blown me away. And I don't know, but community is hard to find right now and maybe you could use one. Three...I would love for you to join me on this oily journey. Especially if your life, like mine, has been a fire drill for years and you have been placing yourself...your passions and dreams and basic hygiene last on the list. If this is you, I highly encourage you to join me. We will walk this new path together. It is a beautiful path, sweet friend.

There is an Intro To Oils class coming up...if you have a Kit or are thinking about a Kit, even if you have no idea what a Kit is...I pray you will join me! Email me if you are interested, and I will send you the zoom link. If you want to purchase your Premium Starter Kit before the class you can click here and use my member #27324872. You will be so glad you did not pass this up - I promise.

Now, if you will excuse me...I have oils to throw in my diffuser and some flowers that I need to put in my sink. Turns out that being practical isn't always what I need.


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