I was raised Catholic...

If you haven't gotten yourself a copy of Rekindled and joined our Book Club, it is not too late! We are only starting on Chapter Two this week, and I promise...the title of this book is longer than the chapters!!!

Mallory's story is an important one. Too many people, young and old, are leaving the Catholic Church, and do YOU know how to win them back? Because I sure don't!

We have a Private Facebook group with almost 100 women onboard and the discussions are just getting started. We have practicing Catholics, fallen-away Catholics, and not so sure they want to be Catholic anymore Catholics! We are a safe and welcoming place, with women who are eager to dive in and get honest and ultimately, uncover the beauty of our Catholic faith.

Are you in? You should be! Because souls are at stake.

See the information and links below to get started!

Mallory Smyth, Kristy Malik, and Laura Phelps are going LIVE every Thursday at 1 PM EST to discuss the chapter of the week. We are on Chapter two, and all of our discussions are recorded and saved.

We will go LIVE on Mallory's Instagram account, Youtube, and our Private Facebook group.

Purchase a copy of Rekindled on Amazon, at Ave Maria Press, or contact

Mallory Smyth for a signed copy

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