Jesus, I trust in You, sometimes...

An old prayer card fell out of a prayer book yesterday. Written by an Unknown Author, it is titled TRUST ME.

Do you trust that God knows what He is doing?

I do.

But here is my problem.

I trust He knows...I trust that there is a great plan I am unable to see...I trust that when I come face to face with Jesus there will be the biggest "AHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAA" moment ever.

But I still don't get it.

And so I try to understand.

I try to understand the mind of God.

I might as well try to understand chemistry. Or the Trinity. Or indoor waterparks.

It boils down to the WHY we love to ask God in times of great suffering.

And if my hands are reaching to catch WHY they can not remain folded in prayer.

And then I lose trust.

And so I will work on imitating Our Lady who never asked WHY but did ask HOW?

And I will bear my share of suffering like a good soldier of Christ or at least a mediocre one..because you know, baby steps into battle...

and whenever I need proof that God is in control I will stand next to Our Lady at the foot of the Cross and see everything in my life from the perspective of the cross.

I so much prefer the perspective of Starbucks. Or essential oils.

But neither save.

Oh, Jesus...increase my trust in You today, pretty please. Help me to stop asking WHY. Keep my gaze fixed on You.

(TRUST ME prayer posted on Instagram at laura_m_phelps)