Oils of the Ancient Bible Class coming soon! (and a free gift if you're quick!)

I began my wellness journey with essential oils in the hopes of finding emotional support. And I will be honest; I wasn't completely sold when I stepped into this. I needed the faith piece too, ya know? But then...I came across this BOOK...and I found myself ALL I N.

I have been DYING to teach a Scripture class that incorporates healing oils. With a special love for Mary who breaks the alabaster jar at Jesus' feet, I am especially drawn to this study.

I am SO EXCITED to announce that the Oils of Ancient Scripture are back in stock with Young Living, which means...I get to teach this class and invite you to join me!!!

So, what do you need and how can you join?

The class is open to anyone on my Team and who has the Oils of Ancient Scripture kit. You can purchase it here! If you are not enrolled with Young Living, you can sign up to be on my Team by using my number when you make your purchase! My number is 27324872 (membership does not lock you into a single thing! But it DOES get you wholesale price-and trust me. You want that.)

If you are already a Young Living Member that has enrolled with and our Essential Rewards program, and you purchase the Oils of Ancient Scripture kit, be one of the first three people to make this purchase, and I will send you this Healing Oils Of The Bible book for free!

If you have any questions you can visit my oils page, or shoot me an email!!!


*Class days and times TBD