Patreon is doing fearless and free, right after I make breakfast...

I have four million ideas in my head. Does anyone relate?

Things like the words CONFIDENCE and LAVISH....and how badly I want to explore these more with you. But the word that is overriding them lately is IDENTITY. And I figured that until we get this one right, we will never get the others right. 

And so we start here.

A few weeks back I asked for the names of those interested in doing a virtual study of Walking With Purpose's Fearless And Free with me. I was just curious. And well, we have plenty of interest to fill a virtual table! I am not surprised.

This study changed things for me. INTERIOR things. Things that needed changing. Things I was afraid to change. And all I had to do was re-read the introduction to know that this was a study I was called to lead others to. How can I not?

Here is the plan. 

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