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SOUTHERN Sisterhood-It's no joke

This little one of mine is headed off to Ole Miss and super excited to rush and experience sorority sisterhood!

And I am thoroughly enjoying this process. A little too much. I have to keep reminding are not going to college, Laura. Annie is.

While I pledged a sorority back in the day, it was a regional chapter...and in Boston. And honestly? I remember none of it. But a National Southern sorority? Oh my word. So not the same.

As Annie prepares for recruitment one thing that she needs are letters of recommendation. Easy enough right? Who wouldn't want to say great things about this kid? But there is a catch. The letters need to come from an alumnus of the chapters at Ole Miss.

We have been told that we shouldn't panic if we do not know anyone! Which is great...because I don't enjoy panicking. Annie can reach out to the chapter, share a little something about herself, and ask if someone would kindly write her a letter. We were also encouraged to reach out to all our friends and see if anyone of them fit the bill!

So here I am, asking YOU dear reader...any chance you are alumni of one of these chapters? And if so, would you kindly write my sweet daughter a letter of recommendation?

Pi Beta Phi

Alpha Chi Omega

Alpha Omicron Pi

Alpha Pi

Chi Omega

Delta Delta Delta

Delta Gamma

Kappa Delta

Kappa Kappa Gamma

Phi Mu

If the answer is yes, please leave me a comment and know that I will include you in my daily prayers until I die (or at least until bid day ;-) )! And now if you will excuse me, I have to plan what I am wearing for Parent Weekend...because the South is SERIOUS folks!


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