standing in the suffering

Tonight's speaker was originally scheduled for the Fearless And Free Patrons that have been meeting with me on Tuesday nights. These ladies are troopers...showing up every week to do some serious uprooting and digging! It is a tough study, but we are doing it and doing it well!

It was a very specific paragraph in this study that had me pick up my phone to call my friend. Tucked into the WARRIOR portion of our journey, found on Day Two, titled HOLD YOUR GROUND, reads this:

"When we are going through a time of suffering and difficulty, offering worship is truly a sacrifice. Our instinct is to complain, rage, or curl up in a ball. This is what the enemy expects us to do. But when we go against our instinct and choose to worship instead, it delivers a blow. In worship, we turn our focus to God and away from our circumstances. This loosens the power of the enemy's tactics." (Lisa Brenninmeyer, Fearless And Free, p. 139)

Our speaker this evening has been my model of HOLDING GROUND for years now. She taught me how to go to my knees in times of the unimaginable instead of all those other things we choose. She is beauty, peace, strength, humor, gentleness, and fortitude, all wrapped up in humility and grace. She is the kind of faith-filled woman that you look at and say, "that. I want that."

You are invited to hear Author, Speaker, and Founder of the Catherine Violet Hubbard Foundation, Jenny Hubbard, give a talk on Standing in The Suffering: so that you don't miss the blessing. (If the "suffering" part scares you...dare I suggest you are focusing on the wrong word. Try looking at "blessing" instead) I am confident that her words are going to be exactly what we all need to hear right about now.

If you are a member of my Patreon community, the link to our call this evening has been posted. If you are not a member of Patreon and interested in hearing our speaker, you can easily register to join the community here, for as little as $3!

Hope to see you tonight at 7 PM!

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