The Annunciation

If you have ever heard me speak, you know how precious and meaningful this story is to me. My entire life (well, in the last ten years) has been shaped and formed by two things: saying YES to God. And STANDING at the foot of the Cross. (manicures and Starbucks were my first choice but turns out, they do nothing for my eternity)

I thought I would share a simple post that is up on my Patreon site today, for those of you who are not yet on Patreon. It is short and sweet and I pray that it encourages you to ponder your own YES to God.


This is the story that keeps me standing.

The yes that required a million "no's" to her own plan.

The yes that came with no guarantee and required 100% surrender.

The yes that did not come after she got proof or required a sign.

The yes that only asked for instructions.

The yes that never asked why.

The yes that was possible because Mary knew Scripture.

The yes that came without doubt because Mary knew who God was and believed that He was who He said He was.

The yes to God that was more important than any yes to herself.

The yes that would be whispered and pondered and repeated every single day of her life.

The yes that lead her to stand at the foot of the Cross.

The yes that keeps her stationed at the Cross.

Saying yes to God will require that we, like Mary, are okay with the consequences ahead of time.

Saying yes to God requires obedience like Mary's.

What is God inviting you to say YES to today?

What "no" to yourself will this "yes" require?

What keeps you from saying YES?

If your only desire in this world is to do the will of God, saying YES will be easy.

If you find yourself struggling with this it is because your will is not in line with God's.

Let's pray in a special way today for obedience like Mary's.

A YES like Mary's.

And let us ask for a double portion of the Holy Spirit because honestly, this is insanely hard to do.